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DeBartolo Commons is open daily from dawn until dusk with the exception of approved events.

All outdoor activities are weather permitting.
Please call (330) 758-4512 for questions about upcoming events.

Our 24/7 security can assist you at (330) 942-5999.

Welcome to DeBartolo Commons


We are focused on providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. We ask all guests to conduct themselves in a safe and respectful way in accordance with our Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct and all laws and local ordinances.


1. DeBartolo Commons is open from dawn to dusk, with the exception of approved events.

2. Bicycle and skateboard use on premises is restricted to roadways, parking lots, the hike and bike trails and designated areas.

3. Motorized vehicles are not permitted.

4. Dogs and cats may accompany their owners, however, pets must be controlled on a leash not more than eight feet long, and all excrement must be placed in a litter receptacle.


1. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

2. Shopping center visitors must abide by and follow all prevailing laws, regulations, ordinances and other public rules applicable to patron activity at the shopping center

3. Disruptive or disorderly behavior is prohibited.

4. No firearms or other weapons of any kind.

5. Possession of open alcoholic beverages except in designated areas is prohibited.

6. Smoking, including vaping, except in designated areas is prohibited.

7. No solicitation.

8. No loitering.

9. No unauthorized photography or videography.

10. No overnight parking.

11. Unnecessary blocking of walkways, roadways or storefronts is prohibited.

12. Operating unauthorized recreational and/or personal transportation devices is prohibited.

Failure to comply with our Code of Conduct or the lawful or reasonable requests by center management or security may result in your loss of the privilege to use the shopping center and/or criminal prosecution. This shopping center expressly retains the right to revise or modify our Code of Conduct as necessary and without notice. Any exceptions to our Code of Conduct will be determined by center management in its sole and absolute discretion.